Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Design Team for "Ephemera's Vintage Garden"

My Dear Friend Debbie and I are Proud to Let All Our Friends the Good News of being invited by "Ephemera's Vintage Garden" To Be Their first Designing Team Members

I am married and the mother of 5 children.  I've lived in Payson, Arizona for 13 years and loving every moment of it.  I've owned a boutique of skin care and herbs along with a wellness clinic until 2011. I love working with the public and have been teaching classes locally on herbology, body and mind work, reflexology and overall wellness. I graduated from Tempe AZ College, SWIHA (South West Institute for the Healing Arts) with my license to practice massage and to teach wellness trough the use of natural resources. 
My husband and I recently made the decision to modify our lives to have more family time;  this has opened more of my time for the art of crafting and working with my hands.  I give a little of myself in each project I’m creating. 
I’ve been crafting all my life, but back then we did not call it scrapbooking; I just had an idea that I put in papers, glue, cardboard, paint, etc. I currently teach crafts at the Paper and Metal Scrappers Shop in Payson.  I’m also thrilled to also have the opportunity to teach and be part of the CraftFusion family, here  in Arizona.
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I live in New York with my son Christopher and little Yorkie Kobe.  I've been drawing since I can remember and after high school had one of my drawings put into the museum of modern art in NYC. Throughout the 90's I worked as a portrait artist for many rock bands and restaurants. My biggest accomplishment in the art world was to do work for The Limelight in NYC.

I've also had a been a beaded jewelry designer and have written/published two books on the Law of Attraction.  I am also a certified astrologer.  This diverse background has helped shape who I am and what I create.
In 2008, I suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident and haven't been able to draw since.  This was a very difficult time, but I have overcome it thanks to my spiritual beliefs, one of them being that life lessons are given to use to help us become the best person we can be.
I love crafting, interior design and journaling and combine all these passions in my scrapbooking projects.

All her links are below, just click on the Logo for EVG

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