Monday, January 28, 2013

Faux Leather Medieval Album

Hi everyone, I would like to share this mini album that I finished some time ago, its medieval themed because I'm fascinated with that time and style. I  began by creating the paper to make it look like leather, I used a heavy cardstock and use coffee liquid to stain it then I did some distress technique so it would look like wrinkled leather or old leather, some of the materials I use was Tim Holtz distress inks, coffee (instant powder in water) after many many layers I use mat medium paste to make it playable, the rest is self explanatory, I accented the pages with some medieval ephemera, so hope you guys enjoy this photos and if you want see more I a video on youtube, the link is below, cheers

I use fabric for outside of of the spine.

 I use some of Time Holtz stains to accent the coffee liquid

This decorations are from Tim Holtz die

Some medieval ephemera to accent the book

Tim Holtz ornate plate with and image on and cover with glossy accents

Muti-page with lots of page interaction

Please leave a comment or a ?? if need more info, cheers


MiMi Dibble said...

Really beautiful cover. Love the coloring. I like all the formality of it. Very midieval indeed!

Gladys Wright Moreno said...

Thanks so much, your comments mean a lot to me, keep in touch, cheers